Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Thank you Gerald

There was a defence procurement debate in the House yesterday, with enough material (74 densely-packed A4 pages on my printout) to keep journalists and commentators busy for weeks, if they were at all interested.

Therein lies a tale. You will search in vain for any account of the debate in a media which professes to be soooo concerned about the welfare and equipment of our troops.

However, pending a review of the debate on this blog, one part of the speech from Gerald Howarth, shadow defence minister, caught our eye. Says Gerard:

The Supacat vehicle, which is a superb vehicle, was on display at the defence systems and equipment international exhibition. It is made by an excellent company called Supacat down in Devon. Its managing director is my secretary’s nephew and I have visited it a couple of times. I give it a plug because it is a jolly good company. It is a small British company doing a splendid job, and it is not just the big boys that we need to be concerned about.
It is so good to have a shadow minister who is really on the ball. But then, this was the man who also thought the Pinzgauer was "superb", allowing himself to be photographed in the cab of the vehicle, which the company used for promotional purposes.

One wonders what be might now say to the widow of Major Alexis Roberts?