Monday 7 July 2008

Winning the war

What started off as a response to the torrent of analytical media articles in the wake of the death of the 100th British soldier in Afghanistan - and the several deaths that followed in short order - has become a major piece of work in its own right, running to twelve parts.

The work is now complete and this post is the index, with links to each part, set out below:

Part I: The wrong solutions?
Part II: Identifying the problems
Part III: Defining the need
Part IV: The seeds of destruction
Part V: The military role
Part VI: Fighting the peace
Part VII: The only priority?
Part VIII: Hearts and mines
Part IX: Reality check
Part X: Outsourcing the war
Part XI: Vacuum at the centre
Part XII: Putting it all together

We will shortly prepare a unified .pdf file comprising the whole work, which we will upload onto our server, with a link here.

The posts are consecutive rather than chronological order (ignore the dates - I'm "fiddling" those to keep the posts in the right order) and, whether you want to read the whole thing, "dip" or go straight to the latest addition, you can use the links above.