Monday 7 May 2007

Taking the war to the enemy

Michael Yon has written another superb piece on the activities of British troops in Basra (and promises another) – this one on an operation against IED layers.

What comes over are several things. Firstly, the British troops are still suffering an unacceptable level of indirect fire on their bases; secondly, there is clearly a more aggressive policy in place in Basra, with the Army more willing to root out and attack bomb layers; thirdly, the use of air cover providing real-time surveillance and the use of (newly delivered) artillery.

In the long piece, what comes over most, though, is the skill and professionalism of our troops. This is something to be proud of – and it clearly indicates that, given the right tools and the political back-up (there are some indications that rules of engagement have been changed) then we can take on the terrorists and win.

This is an essential read - if the MoD had any sense, it would put a link up to Michael's site on their own website.