Friday, 8 June 2007

The latest betrayal

So, at last, the MoD – courtesy of the noble Lord Drayson, defence procurement minister – has finally delivered of his labours and brought forth a mighty mouse … the shortlist for the FRES contenders.

The one thing, of course, you can guarantee is that this important development in the largest single Army procurement programme in living memory – now inflated to a staggering £16 billion – will be ignored by the MSM. In so doing, it will show up its faux concern for "our boys", as it allows the Labour government to play out its latest betrayal of the Army, buying the wrong equipment for the wrong wars, at massively inflated prices in a programme that will either see the Army emasculated, or its soldiers killed – or both.

On the back of our recent discussion of this project, we will be posting a detailed analysis of Drayson's dire criminally stupid decision on this blog as soon as it is finished.